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Early Days

Hey, I’m Isaac Cubero, born and raised in Barcelona for the first two decades of my life. After I decided to start travel the world, living adventures while building impactful


Since a very young age I had an innate capacity and will towards creative activities. As a kid I couldn’t stop creating, imagining, and crafting. That never stopped. 

So I decided to take the advertising path when I had to make the choice of my degree.  As it was a career that mixed a few of my passions: creativity, art, marketing, business, psychology, human behavior…

As soon as I finished my studies I had the opportunity of working for a big ad agency (BBDO). Everything seemed perfect in society’s eyes. One of the biggest ad agencies in the world, with Fortune 500 companies as clients, learning every single day from colleges, campaigns, creative challenges…


I soon realized that it wasn’t for me. I truly desired to craft my own path, my own methodologies, my own lifestyle, choosing the types of clients whom I resonated the most…


So I decided to create Selecta Branding with the mission to serve those who are destined for greateness, create brand experiences, innovate, brake the rules in the industry and set up new standards…

My approach is to create brands, and branding solutions that solve business problems and make a positive impact. I love challenges, I love to create things never seen before. 

If you want to know my approach, and what I do check my article: Isaac Cubero as Brand Strategist. 

If you want to know more about me or connect, you can follow my path on Instagram, Linkedin, Facebook or Youtube. 

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